For You Are with Me

Psalm 23 is a beautiful picture of what a loving Shepherd Jesus is to us. Try to imagine how refreshing this walk with the Lord is in verses 1-3. Psalm 23:1-3 The Lord is my shepherd;I shall not want.2 He makes me to lie down in green pastures;He leads me beside the still waters.3 He restores my soul;He leads me in… Read More For You Are with Me

Dreams, Encouragement


Exactly one year ago today I had a dream that I was sitting at a table with a solid white tablecloth. On the table was a microphone as if I were at a press conference. I confidently spoke into the microphone to announce that Eric and I were expecting nine blessings. Now, when I woke… Read More Blessings


Be Encouraged!

It seems that discouragement is lurking around every corner waiting to pounce on us in times of weakness. It comes in the form of doubt, condemnation, loneliness, purposelessness, and other feelings that are enemies to the truth of God. It’s so tempting to give in to those feelings and question everything, but I encourage you… Read More Be Encouraged!


Refined by the Fire

It’s summer in Texas y’all, and it’s HOT outside. I’m not a fan of Texas heat (I don’t know anybody who is), nor am I am fan of the heat that is produced from the trials of this life. For me it seems that the summer heat has rolled into Texas with some friends named… Read More Refined by the Fire


Don’t Give Up

Sometimes it feels like everything we do is for nothing. We give and we pray and we believe and we hope and we hang on, but it can seem like there’s never a change no matter what we do. I think this discouragement is a strategy the enemy uses to convince us to give up.… Read More Don’t Give Up


Under Attack

Sometimes I have dreams that I know are significant, but I don’t always share them because I don’t fully understand them. I had a dream on May 26th that was like that. I am still quite perplexed by the dream, but last night the Holy Spirit opened my understanding some. In the dream I was… Read More Under Attack


Jesus Will Clean You Up

Genesis 41 details how the Pharaoh of Egypt had a dream that none of his magicians or wise men could interpret. One of his servants told him about how Joseph–who was imprisoned–had accurately interpreted his dreams. Genesis 41:14–Then Pharaoh sent and called Joseph, and they brought him quickly out of the dungeon; and he shaved,… Read More Jesus Will Clean You Up