Changing Weather

I had a dream on June 10, 2018. In the dream, I took our kids to a Pastor friend’s house. The Pastor’s wife walked out (it didn’t look like her or their house, but I knew it was her), and I gave her a hug and thanked her for watching the kids. She started to walk me to the end of the driveway, and I told her that I would be back in about an hour. She said it was too late for that and to just let them spend the night. I looked at my phone, and it was 11:33 pm. I agreed and thanked her again.

As I got into the car, I sensed the Holy Spirit telling me that the weather was about to get bad and that I needed to drive slowly and carefully. The weather was perfectly fine then, but I knew I needed to heed to the warning. I pulled out on the road, and it was a familiar road in my hometown. As I drove, there were people honking behind me, but out of obedience to the Holy Spirit, I continued to drive slow. As I did this, I heard a voice behind me tell me that as I drove by certain cars, the demonic spirits inside them would cause the weather to change depending on how strong the spirit was.

The voice would warn me as I came to each car. The first car wasn’t bad as it just caused a little sprinkle. The next car caused some heavy rain. We passed a cop car, which I believe the voice called a “black dog”, and said this black dog is okay. As we kept going, I passed a car that caused strong snow flurries, and then finally we were coming upon an old brown truck. The voice said this is going to be a bad one. I braced myself and saw strong flood waters sweeping through. I held on tight to the wheel; however, the waters swept me out of the vehicle, and I ended up on a wide stone post in front of a house.

As the water was rushing by, I saw two college guys in swim trunks on the porch of the house right there on the corner.  The house was a blue old colonial style house with white trim. The guys asked me to come in the water with them, and I told them no. They tried to convince me to come, but I still resisted. The window of the house was open and I could see a girl sitting at a table. They were calling for her to come out and get in the water. They told her to come out because I said I was getting in too.

I yelled out loudly, “NO I DIDN’T!!! THEY’RE LYING!!!!!” They kept trying to tell her the same thing over and over, and I kept yelling the same thing. Eventually I fell off the post into the rushing waters. Then, they yelled out to the girl, “See, she got in!” I knew in me that I needed to use the name of Jesus, but I just couldn’t seem to get it out.

I started to kick and flail my arms with all my might, and finally the words came out. I started to yell at the top of my lungs, “In the Name of Jesus!” over and over and over. The guys got off the porch and started to walk toward me. I knew that they would not be able to hurt or even touch me, but I wanted to get up and look them in the eye because I knew they would have to leave. It was as if an invisible barrier was there because they could only go so far as I was calling out on the name Jesus! I never got up out of the water as Eric woke me up because he was awake and could tell that I was struggling in the dream.

I don’t have a full understanding of this dream in regards to the weather, but it did encourage me to trust in the Lord more. This dream was the beginning of a series of dreams in which I began to face trials that would cause me to need to call out on Jesus. The dreams have helped build my faith in knowing that there truly is power in the name of Jesus and that I must call out upon HIM in my time of need.

It also reminded me of the flood that hit San Marcos in May of 2015. My family and I had to evacuate our apartment in the middle of the night as the flood waters were rising in our area. We got the kids in the car and got to the gates of our apartment complex to find our neighbors stranded there with their infant. Their car was too small to go any further. We piled everyone into our suburban and proceeded out of the gates. The water was so high that we could not see the road, and when we turned, we went into a ditch. We could not move.

My husband and our neighbor got out of the vehicle to push it, but the waters were rising and rushing. They could not get it to budge. I had eight kids in the car, including the baby. I could see the water rising up near the window, and I knew the situation was dire as the kids would not be able to stand in the waters if we had to get out of the truck. I began to call on Jesus! I yelled out to Him for help, and the kids began to call out as well. As we were praying, a large man came out of nowhere. He ran over to help my husband and the neighbor push the truck up out of the water. We were able to make it to safety.

My friend later told me that she had an urge to pray for us and that she prayed like she had never prayed before. There truly is power in the precious name of Jesus! The storms of life will try to overwhelm us and take us under, but Jesus is always there to be our help in time of trouble. I encourage you to call on HIM during your time of need–no matter how big or small it is. He is faithful, and He will rescue you!

2 thoughts on “Changing Weather

  1. I remember that!!! I have never prayed that hard before or since. You go, girl! Your dreams reasonate. You write well, too.

    1. I am thankful you did pray that hard! The outcome could have been so different, but I praise Him for hearing our cries! Writing is so much easier than speaking for me. All glory to God for His gifts!

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