I Told You He Would Save Me

Last night I had sort of a weird, but triumphant dream. I was riding in what seemed like a submarine, which was traveling along behind other vehicles. We were all moving along steadily–one behind the other–on what seemed like a large water slide in a city. Like the water slide was the road. I was not controlling the submarine–just riding along.

As we moved, the slide seemed to slowly melt and turn to white goo, but all the vehicles were still slowly moving. I called my husband to tell him what was happening (hopefully there weren’t any laws against that on the water slide road…smiley face). While we were talking, the white goo began to become like waves that were at first just jostling the vehicles around. I could tell the white goo waves were getting more tumultuous, and then I saw a bus fly off of the slide and crash into the ground.

My husband was getting worried. I saw a huge white wave of goo coming at me, but I told him something like this, “Don’t worry! I will call on Jesus, and He will save me! You wait and see. I may crash, but I will have a great testimony and tell everyone how Jesus saved me so that He is glorified!”

Right then the wave crashed into me. I called on Jesus, and instantly it was if I was looking down on the wreckage from above. The submarine flew into the air, crashed nose down into the ground, and was immediately contorted into twisted metal. However, I saw from above that it could not crush or even touch me as if I were surrounded by a protective bubble. Once everything was still, I lifted my arm with force and threw the remains of the submarine off to the side and began to rejoice!

Somehow, I was still on the phone with my husband, and I began to shout, “See! I told you He would save me!” I woke up just enough to sleepily tell my husband about the dream and then go back to sleep.

God never ceases to amaze me…even in my sleep.

Psalm 50:15–“Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I shall rescue you, and you will honor Me.”

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