You Called Out on My Name, and I Saved You!

On October 10, 2018, I had a dream that changed me. In the dream, I was driving in my suburban along an unfamiliar highway. I could see an 18-wheeler tailing me close behind, so I sped up to get some distance. However, as I sped up, there was another 18-wheeler in front of me. As I was going to switch lanes, I noticed that two roads were merging into one and another 18-wheeler was coming up to the right of me. I looked to the left, but there was only a ditch there. I had nowhere to go.

The red 18-wheeler to my right was moving into my lane at a high speed, and it seemed that it was going to run me over. The only place to escape was into the ditch, so I swerved over, but I could see the truck tipping over and was going to fall on to me anyway. I called on the name of Jesus over and over with everything in me! Everything went fuzzy, and all of a sudden I was looking down from the sky as the red 18-wheeler completely smashed my suburban.

Everything went black, and then I was standing outside of the wreckage without a scratch. There were emergency vehicles and a crowd of people standing around. I ran to each one and physically shook them in excitement to emphatically let them know that Jesus saved me from being harmed. Nobody believed me, but instead were looking at me like I was crazy. After that, everything went downhill.

I had one problem after another. The people at the scene did not believe that Jesus had saved me. My husband didn’t believe me. The insurance company would not pay for the damages to my suburban. I couldn’t get to work. I was distraught and broke down crying uncontrollably. I woke up and was completely shaken from the dream.

I felt so emotional waking up from the dream. I was afraid that I was going to have a wreck in real life as I had to go to Austin that day. I then began to ponder why nobody in the dream would believe me and why so many things had gone wrong after Jesus had so miraculously saved me.

I prayed and just asked the Lord, “WHY?”

As I sat still, I heard the Lord speak to my heart, “You called out on my name, and I saved you. Nothing else matters!”

Instantly my fears and worries melted. My focus was in the wrong place. I was so focused on the negative that I missed the miraculous!

The Lord’s answer to my distress made an impact on me in a major way. I often remind myself of this dream and the Lord’s response when I face various trials.

Romans 10: 13–Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.

I called upon His name, and He saved me! In that dream, and in my life over and over again. Why am I of so little faith? He is more than able to do all things. I pray that all of God’s children will begin to be full of faith in Him and His ability to save us rather than our own strength. I encourage you all to call out on JESUS in your time of need because He WILL save you!

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